It all began with a conversation, a luxurious afternoon of sharing stories, insights, laughter, and of course several cups of tea. As typical of our times together, we were seeking answers to life’s big questions. In the process, we discovered it was the exchange of our experiences and new ideas that really fed our souls. We mused, “wouldn’t it be fantastic to explore these conversations with a wider community? Surely, there are others who wonder just like us."  And here we are!


Born with the gifts of laughter, creativity and a sense of adventure, I continue to wonder, wander and delight in explorations of mind, body and spirit. Whether it is making a culinary creation (messy kitchen and all, yet tasty), discovering the tools to direct the next steps of a thriving life, becoming blurry eyed pinning the latest and greatest pins to my Pinterest boards, following clues, dreams & links to uncovering a new insight, traversing the neighborhoods, the roads, the seas or laughing uncontrollable at the antics of my youngest grandchild, I could be the “poster child” for a seeker and student of life.

In the practical spectrum, I have been an educator of bright and gifted children for over 30 years. With a master’s degree in that field, I have presented at the local, state and national levels on different subjects related to thinking, creativity and education. Consistently designing and cultivating in-depth curriculum for my students, I was able to nurture her passion for learning outside of the box on a vast array of topics. Recently, I have retired from public education teaching and am re-orienting my life to serve in fresh new ways.

(more to come…)


I love questions, conversations, and exploring life’s magic.  I want to know why I am here and how to create a life that is full of joy, meaning, purpose, delight, originality, connection, and deep soul satisfaction. I want to know other people’s stories as well, because sharing our journeys increases our self-compassion and urges us to celebrate our individuality.  My curiosity has led me to explore the intersection of science and spirituality.  I am interested in topics ranging from quantum physics to mind/body connection to studies of human consciousness and am amazed at the similarities and connections across the different fields.  Life is a magnificent mystery indeed!

Engaging a group in discussion feels like home to me.  I love to share what I’ve learned and in turn gain insights from others.   I hold a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Studies and teach in the community on topics related to health and wellbeing as well as end-of-life issues.  I have discovered our world is rich with ideas and each class or workshop is a new opportunity to challenge old beliefs and consider wider possibilities.

Endeavors that celebrate color and texture, painting, sewing, collaging, and fiber work, also indulge my natural curiosity. These are my go-to’s when I want to play. It’s not about designing a masterpiece, but about the process of being with myself and allowing the fun to flow!  I claim the title of artist as an affirmation of the inherent creativity in each of us.

As a whole, my life is a mosaic of ever evolving patterns.  Wondering what comes next is part of the natural unfolding of life.  I look forward to learning what you wonder about, what brings you delight, joy, and satisfaction, and sharing our collective discoveries along the way.

                WHAT WE BELIEVE     

Wondering allows new paths of discovery, enriching or lives.  Curiosity never ends!

As human Beings, our calling is to create, to thrive, and to flourish.

We are authors of our life stories, not just bystanders in a complex world.


“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun!”  ~ Mary Poppins